Exploring the Potential of AI: Insightful Workshop Held in Nova Gorica

21. 3. 2024

Arctur hosted a successful workshop titled 'Artificial Intelligence: Navigating the Future of Technology, Ethics, and Innovation' on March 20. The event, led by Samo Eržen, a Senior Research Engineer at Arctur, explored the development and applications of AI, with a focus on its potential to drive innovation and address complex challenges. During the workshop, Samo Eržen also presented the EU-funded R&D project CLASSICA, which aims to integrate AI technology into operating theatres for cancer classification, specifically focusing on colorectal cancer.

The workshop featured discussions on AI in healthcare, highlighting its role in data analysis, prediction, and decision-making. Ethical considerations surrounding AI, such as privacy and bias, were also addressed.

Attendees gained insights into generative AI, exploring current trends, achievements, and its potential impact on creativity, intellectual property, and society.

The event concluded with an interactive debate on the broader implications of AI's development.