The REGINNA 4.0 project, REGional INNovAtive learning for society 4.0

The REGINNA 4.0 project aims to address the limited access to Deep Tech knowledge and infrastructure by creating a collaborative ecosystem through an interactive platform. The project consortium, consisting of renowned research institutions, will deliver customized training courses to stakeholders in the knowledge-based society. Additionally, an accessible "Single-Entry-Point" will be established for external users, primarily companies, to access cutting-edge research equipment. The project will be implemented through three modules: Nanotechnology, Industry 4.0, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

In the Nanotechnology module, participants will learn about the production, synthesis, and application of advanced materials in nanotechnology. This includes alternatives to silicon-based electronics and the production of high-quality 2-dimensional materials.

The Industry 4.0 module provides in-depth understanding of the impact of Industry 4.0 on various sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain management. The use of key enabling technologies in the tourism sector, known as Tourism 4.0, will also be explored, with a focus on artificial intelligence and its role in product development and quality control.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship module equips participants with essential skills to start a business, develop a business plan, and understand marketing and financial management. The principles of the Lean startup methodology will also be introduced, emphasizing rapid testing and iteration of new ideas for validation.

REGINNA 4.0 primarily benefits students in technical fields, business and management, and tourism by providing them with Deep Tech competences and access to infrastructure. Moreover, the project aims to inspire collaborative engagement between HEIs and industry, leading to the co-design and co-implementation of innovative socio-economic solutions in the future.