Breaking Boundaries: Extraordinary Hackathon Sparks Innovation and Forges New Alliances

5. 12. 2023

In a remarkable display of creativity, energy, and camaraderie, the recent hackathon left a lasting impact. From compelling pitches to groundbreaking ideas, this event was not only a challenge for the student teams but also a captivating endeavor for the jury tasked with defining the winners.

A heartfelt thank you extends to all who played a role in making this special event a success - participants who brought passion and ingenuity, mentors who shared invaluable expertise, the jury facing tough decisions, and contributors who made the hackathon an unforgettable experience!

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Mentors: Maria Chiavesio, Marinella Dalla Colletta, Marco Asquini, Alessandra Gruppi, Emanuele Ciccone, Giovanni Tommasini

Jury: Francesco Contin, Alessia Anniballo, Carlo Asquini, Tiziana Perin, Montanari Angelo