2023 IVAP Workshop in Prague with Participation of REGINNA 4.0 Project Partners

1. 6. 2023

The EIT's HEI Initiative 2023 Innovation Vision Action Plan (IVAP) Workshop, which was attended by partners of the REGINNA 4.0 project, took place in Prague, Czechia, on May 31st and June 1st, 2023. The workshop brought together project members from multiple cohorts, the Initiative's Project Management Team, and key stakeholders. Its objective was to orient and welcome the new cohort while fostering collaboration among all cohorts and projects. Anchored to the EIT's Deep Tech Talent Initiative (DTTI), the workshop aimed to create a supportive environment for discussion and collaboration among the selected projects. The workshop included breakout sessions to address key challenges and highlighted the DTTI's core components and objectives. Participants, including REGINNA 4.0 partners, gained insights and resources to effectively execute their IVAPs.