Driving Innovation Capacity and Deep Tech Talent Integration: Our Project Receives Funding from EIT HEI Initiative

24. 5. 2023

We are excited to announce that the REGINNA 4.0 Project has secured €350,000 in funding from the EIT HEI Initiative. This funding will support our mission to bridge the gap between deep tech knowledge and enterprises, particularly SMEs and start-ups.

REGINNA 4.0 aims to create a collaborative ecosystem through an interactive platform, connecting research institutions and enterprises. Our consortium of established research institutions will provide tailor-made training courses to stakeholders in the knowledge-based society. Additionally, we will establish a 'Single-Entry-Point' for external users to access state-of-the-art research equipment for on-demand training and innovative industrial applications.

The project will be implemented through three modules: Nanotechnology, Industry 4.0, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Participants will gain insights into advanced materials for nanotechnology, explore Industry 4.0's impact on manufacturing and logistics, and develop skills in innovation and entrepreneurship.

REGINNA 4.0 will benefit students in technical, business, management, and tourism fields by providing deep tech competences and access to infrastructure. The project aims to foster collaboration between higher education institutions and industry, inspiring future co-design and co-implementation of socio-economic solutions.

This funding from the EIT HEI Initiative highlights the significance and potential impact of the REGINNA 4.0 Project. We are grateful for this opportunity to bridge the gap, driving innovation and collaboration in the deep tech landscape.