Dignest Workshop with MNE Project Partners: Unlocking the Future - Introducing REGINNA 4.0

    11.4.2024 / Nova Gorica

    The eagerly awaited Dignest project Workshop, in collaboration with MNE project partners and hosted by Arctur, is set to introduce the concept of Reginna 4.0. Leading the discussion will be Jurij Urbančič from the University of Nova Gorica, presenting 'Unlocking the Future - Introducing REGINNA 4.0'.

    With a focus on practical approaches to fostering collaboration, Urbančič will highlight strategies aimed at enhancing cooperation between academia and industry. Reginna 4.0 aims to serve as a bridge between these sectors, providing insights into how partnerships can drive innovation and growth for both students and SMEs.

    As anticipation builds for the event, stakeholders are poised to gain valuable insights into effective collaboration strategies, setting the stage for future cooperation and mutual benefit.

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