EU Funding Opportunities for HEI

    14.3.2024 / Online

    From understanding the EU budget landscape, MFF, NextGenerationEU, and EU programme dynamics, to navigating the project lifecycle for the idea-to-proposal process, this course equips you with the knowledge to tap into funding for upskilling, reskilling, and enhancing business competitiveness. Explore the overview of the EU funding opportunities and the nuances of proposal development, submission processes, and project evaluation, mastering strategies for success and resilience in the dynamic EU funding ecosystem.



    • Understand the concept landscape of reference for EU budgeting, evaluating trends up to 2027 Analyse the multiannual financial framework (MFF)
    • NextGenerationEU and annual budgeting processes with related management frameworks, identifying their role in shaping EU funding policies


    • Navigate the diverse landscape of EU funding programmes, understanding their roots-like structure
    • Evaluate specific EU programmes addressing upskilling, reskilling, and business competitiveness, with insights into their application for MSMEs


    • Comprehend the EU project’s lifecycle, from the project’s idea to the evaluation process

    The event will be hosted on 14.3.2024 at 10:30 CET online via MS Teams. Please register HERE to get your access.

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