Artificial Intelligence: Navigating the Future of Technology, Ethics, and Innovation

    20.3.2024 / Nova Gorica / Arctur d.o.o.

    The workshop hosted by Arctur begins with the exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), tracing its evolution from theoretical underpinnings to contemporary implementations. It aims to demystify AI technologies, illustrating core concepts, methodologies, and the diverse spectrum of AI applications. It sets the stage for understanding AI's pervasive influence across various domains, highlighting its potential to drive innovation and solve complex challenges. Focusing on practical applications, the workshop examines concrete example, initiative that underscore AI's critical role in enhancing and revolutionizing medical intervention. Through case study and real-world example, attendees will gain insights into how AI systems are trained to interpret data, make predictions, and support decision-making processes in high-stakes environments. It addresses the ethical dilemmas and societal implications posed by AI, such as privacy concerns, algorithmic bias, and the accountability of AI systems.

    Venturing into the area of generative AI, the workshop presents an exploration of current trends, notable achievements, and future directions. It showcases specific examples of generative models that create novel content, illustrating the technology's creative and disruptive potential. This segment invites participants to engage in a thought-provoking debate on the implications of generative AI, pondering its impact on creativity, intellectual property, and the fabric of society.

    Concluding with an interactive debate, the seminar encourages participants to reflect on the ethical, societal, and technological ramifications of AI's continued evolution. Afterwards, the students will visit the Supercomputer facility located at Arctur, followed by dinner at Ošterija Žogica.

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