Seminars about high innovation topics at the University of León

    30.11.2023 - 5.12.2023 / University of León, Spain

    On the framework of the REGINNA 4.0 project, some online seminars will be offered to students of courses of the University of León (Spain) related to the project’s topics to complement their training in Autumn 2023.

    Specifically, the seminar “Digital Transformation Journey” will be taught by professor Andrea Fornasier on November 30 to students of the MSc. in Industry 4.0, who have studied, among others, courses about Intelligent Systems in Industry and “PLM and LEAN Manufacturing”. The same seminar will take place the following day (December 1) for the students of the course “Simutaneous and collaborative engineering” on the MSc. in Industrial Engineering.

    In addition, for the students of the course “Science of Materials” of the BSc. In Mechanical Engineering, we will offer the seminars “Nanomaterials - Introduction” y “Graphene: Magic of carbon” on December 5, taught by professors Liliia Turovska y Volodymyra Boichuk from the Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University (UKraine).

    These seminars will complement the training in high innovation potential areas of the students at the University of León. All students that engage in this activity will have the opportunity of getting a certificate of participation in these seminars, after completing a questionnaire about it.

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